TW-F50 Car Dash Camera

TW-F50 Car Dash CameraAs one of the smallest dash cams / DVRs on the market, it is likely that you won’t notice the Thinkware F50
at all. What’s more than noticeable, however, is the crisp 1080p video quality courtesy of the premium Sony
Exmor image processor. The F50 may be small, but it will come up big when you most need it.

Sony Exmor 1080p
1080p CMOS sensor with excellent exposure control and contrast for consistent day-and-night recording quality.

Integrated Thermal Protection
Integrated Super Capacitor and Thermal Sensor enhance reliability in extreme temperatures

Anti-File Corruption
Provides an added layer of security to eliminate data corruption and risk of dropped footage

  • TW-F50 Accessories
  • TWA-SGM- External GPS antenna (to add safety camera warning and ADAS)
  • TWA-SH – Hardwire kit
  • TWA-SACH – Adhesive wire clips
  • TWA-SC – CLA Power cable
  • TWA-F50B – Exterior cover for tampering resistance (great for fleet owners)
  • TWA-SMU32 – Thinkware 32GB SD card
  • TWA-SMU64 – Thinkware 64GB SD card
  • TWA-SMU128 – Thinkware 128GB SD card